Custom Relationship Management tools are a crux of any business which is customer oriented. With a proper CRM in place, growth of the business is guaranteed.

JB CRM is a customised CRM developed with the core of SalesBoost, consisting of all elements required for a CRM with added customisation towards your business, this would have no unnecessary features that is not suited to your business  since the modules are customised and catered to your requirements.

Features of JBCRM

  • Customized modules for your businesses.
  • Cloud based CRM, hence no installation or hardware requirement.
  • Deployable on your server if you own one.
  • Connectable on LAN or internet as per your operations.
  • UNLIMITED users, because of customised development and deployment.
  • UNLIMITED data management.
  • All privilege controlled modules.
  • Privilege restricted user access, only with your privileged access you can access the information.
  • Built based on your requirement

What all can be done with JBCRM ?


  • Manage Customer Lists
  • Maintain support tickets
  • Followup based on status
  • SLA management
  • Support assignment
  • Support Feedback


  • Manage Customer info
  • Create Quotes
  • Manage enquiries
  • Maintain Customer history


  • Manage Service customers
  • Maintain Service history
  • Manage Service reminders
  • Manage Customer followup
  • Feedback followup


  • Customer reports
  • User activity reports
  • CRM Dashboards
  • Feedback analysis

Who can use JBCRM ?

  • Since JBCRM is a custom developed application, it can be built for organisation of any size.
  • It is for teams who desire stability, reliability and flexibility with the element of pure customisation.

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