An ERP is a full-fledged operations management application that enables all data centralisation and inter-operability of the data with effective management information reporting and system process.

JB ERP is a simplified and minified version of a traditional ERP, the difference being, you have the flexibility to customize it and it comes with module based packages, which means no unnecessary features.

Features of JBERP

  • Customized modules for your businesses.
  • Cloud based ERP, hence no installation or hardware requirement.
  • With only active internet connection you can professionally optimize your operations.
  • You have flexibility to choose the number of users whom you want to give access.
  • All privilege controlled modules.
  • Encrypted cloud data, with this your data is secured and encrypted on top end cloud servers.
  • Privilege restricted user access, only with your privileged access you can access the information.
  • Multi-user system, you can add and remove users easily.
  • No fixed contract, can sign-up and use like pay-as-you-go.

What you can do with JBERP?


  • Manage Customer info
  • Create Quotes
  • Create Invoices
  • Add Receipts
  • View Customer receivables


  • Manage Vendor info
  • Create PO
  • Receive Goods


  • Manage Warehouses
  • Add Stock with purchases
  • Deduct Stock with Sales
  • Stock adjustments


  • Payable mapping
  • Receivable mapping
  • Expense mapping

Who can use JBERP?

  • JBERP is for small and mid sized businesses, who wants to keep their data secured and access it anywhere from the cloud.
  • It is for teams who desire stability, reliability and flexibility, with the added element of affordability.

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