A message from JB Soft System’s CEO

Wish you a very ​Abundant, ​Peaceful,​ and​ Prosperous New Financial Year 2017-18.

As we move to another financial year we would like to thank each and every one of our 2100 client, new and old. We are humbly pleased by your support, as we grow with your growth.

While every year we add more services and improved offering, it is the trust that our customers held with us that has helped us to grow to this stage. We thank you for it and we pledge to support you in every possible way that we can as a technology partner.

A few things to look forward with us in FY 2017-18

  • Improved support services, we now offer support 7 days a week.
  • More partnered services, we have partnered with networks like Amazon AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, etc with which we can deliver to your corporate or business requirements.
  • As always effective and efficient solutions with more products that helps businesses grow.
  • A revamped website with new services.

In this new Financial year 2017-18, let us take a pledge together to grow our businesses and services even further in a way that we embark onto a profitable, peaceful and prosperous financial year.​ ​Businesses and markets all around is evolving, business patterns are changing, understanding the change and becoming ready is the key to growth. Are you business ready for 2017-18 ??

How JB Soft System can help you?


We make your dream portal a reality, we can help your growth by providing a purposeful website that compliments your business. A well presented and uptrend website can bring you more clients, good people to work with, better first impression and more resulting in more business. So create a fresh website for your business or revamp your current website with our professional consultation to a new one.


Give your team the right tool to grow the business. Empower your team with JBCRM, a simple and efficient marketing followup application, which can organise your leads and help you in reaping efficient conversions with effective followups.


Systematise your work flow, automate, record, measure, monitor and control your operations with a unified solution, by investing on a solution that improves your team performance you can reap revenues in many folds.​ ​Improve your workflow JBERP, empower your team and facilitate them to evolve.

Web and digital Solutions

We have expert solutions for everything on the web, consult with us for expedited solutions that works for you.

Success relies more on complementing than competing. Start complementing your business with the tools that it deserve to grow and march towards progress in the FY2017-18.

To know more on what we offer, ​please ​give us a call.
Thanking you and assuring you of our best services always.

J. Sampath