SalesBoost is the next generation and rebranded product earlier known as JBCRM.

It is not just a change in name, but a whole refined change in approach for marketing and sales. The product's focus is to completely improve and boost the sales of any team.

With evolving features and a constant rush to ameliorate the follow-up process, this tool is definitely a growth catalyst for your business

It is a simple and effective Marketing Follow-up System, much needed for any business. Research study shows that follow ups are the root of marketing, SalesBoost helps you do this with maximum efficiency helping you to convert leads into prospects.

The product is a combination of a full-fledged web application and a complimentary mobile application, signing up and using is simple and is based on monthly subscription per user. You can scale your team and use SalesBoost at your convenience.

Features available with SaleBoost

  • Completely cloud based - No installation, No license, No fuss.
  • Adaptable data saving option - store all information of your customers and prospects with ease.
  • SMS and eMail integrations
    • Just plug your gateway settings and you can send SMS & eMail followups.
  • Effective reporting
    • To understand your leads and prospect data.
    • To manage your team’s activity.
    • To identify prospect value.
    • To identify your leads Vs conversion value.
  • Option to create quotes.
  • Create multiple product followup for a single contact.
  • Encrypted cloud data, with this your data is secured and encrypted on top end cloud servers.
  • Privilege restricted user access, only with your privileged access you can access the information.
  • Multi-user system, you can add and remove users easily.
  • No fixed contract, can sign-up and use like pay-as-you-go.
  • Mobile application for easy access on your smartphone.