Email Campaigning to your customers and authorised leads have been a standard marketing operation since long. But with the advent of newer spam filters and complicated processes, this job got a bit more complex.

This is where J B Soft System has a Simple Email Campaign Management Solution for your business with the aid of AWS SES mailing platform.

This campaign system is specific to be used for a very large group of email ids. Although this bulk mailing solution is specific to genuine user mailing and mail list management, the features associated with it is a compelling reason to opt for.

Benefits of Our Email Campaign Solution

  • AWS based mail delivery – so 100% delivery of email to genuine ids
  • Mailing list management
  • Campaign mail scheduling
  • Flexible plans with only constraint of number of mails sent and not the number of contacts addressed
  • Unsubscribe options
  • Report of bounces and mail opens on your campaign
  • Service and support by J B Soft System

Apart from our standard solution we also provide on-demand MailChimp or MailJet integrations to your CMS website.

To know more and discuss further, drop us an enquiry