Responsive websites: In layman’s terms a website is termed as responsive if it fits nicely and is readable across all internet devices. The need for these responsive websites has increased many folds because of the fast growth of technology which has delivered the internet in everyone’s palms and pockets.

responsive websitesResearch data:

  • 52.6% of the world population is on the internet
  • Of which 82% are from mobile and the rest from other devices
  • In India 23.9% of the population contributes to mobile internet traffic
  • This is 79% of the internet users in India
  • 80% of the top sites are now adapted to mobile traffic globally

 Need for responsive websites

Because of the global growth of internet users on the mobile, every industry is catering their audience through the mobile. Hence there is a huge pressure for businesses which has their websites done previously to adapt to the new norm and make their websites responsive. The modification of a website to a responsive design helps businesses to stay on top of their competition and be available on the mobile based searches. There are many incentives for a website being responsive;

  • Google rewards the website which are responsive by listing them first on mobile searches
  • Users gets to read clear and concise information easily on their smaller screens
  • Responsive websites loads fast, thus reducing the bounce rate
  • Responsive websites gives a professional appeal to the onlookers
  • Easy navigation and click to call functions gets you closer to your prospects

Complexity of responsive websites

The features of responsive websites are many but it has some complicated aspects as well. Since the devices and screen sizes are continuously evolving, they should be built with care and dedication to cater multiple screens types and latest technology.

We should be cautious in converting a normal website to a responsive website. One can avert the risks by getting a professional web designer or a firm to do the redesigning. If handled with care we can get the benefits of both desktop and mobile traffic, and increased conversions.

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