What is a website?

  • A website brings in quality business to you
  • A website attracts great minds from the society to work for you
  • You cannot get 2nd opportunity to make the first impression – A website creates the right  first  impression
  • A website makes you discoverable and is almost your global marketing office
  • A website makes you accessible 24 x 7
  • A website helps everyone to locate you

How our website for Safety and Security Products & Services is special?

  • Our website solution for the industry is based on our knowledge and market experience, serving to other Safety and Security service & product clients in India, UK, US, UAE & Canada.
  • We understand the pain points in presentation of your products, hence we provide clear, crisp website with detailed products and specification that reach out to your target audience.
  • We keep in mind the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) when developing a website that is specific to this industry.
  • We provide simple Content management system that can be used to add more products or change content on your website anytime.
  • We give different cataloging and linking options for your products and services
  • We provide responsive designs specific to your product catalog, thus giving a cleaner and professional look.

Why do I need a Marketing Following System or CRM?

  • If you have a team that is involved in marketing, sales or customer followups you need to provide a tool for your team to handle their data, that will enable them to progress.
  • If you’re interested to scale your operations and increase conversions you need a CRM
  • If you want to monitor your team’s effort and contribute to improving performance you need a CRM
  • If you want a professional approach to manage your information and focus on conversions you need a CRM
  • If you want to track, maintain and convert your leads to sales with effective followups you need CRM

How JBCRM can be useful for Safety and Security Products & Services Company

  • JBCRM is not just a system, it is an approach towards the 360 degree Customer relationship
  • Things that can be covered with our JBCRM
    • Handling an Enquiry
    • Validating it as a Lead
    • Following-up to conversion
    • Processing Installation
    • Setting up and scheduling AMC visits
    • Visit data entry
    • And much more
  • With JBCRM you can simply manage Prospects, Clients, AMC Clients all within the same system.