Digital marketing

We all know that digitisation has taken over our lives, all industry be it big or small have some digital impact in its process. Marketing is also one such stream, where the medium and methods have majorly become digitised. This evolution paved way to a new mode of marketing, digital marketing, where primitive methods have been completely taken over by new, targeted means of acquiring information and customers.

Social media

While the initial goal for the invention was to bring connectivity of the people, marketeers made it into a frontier for reaching out their products and services, based on user behaviour. The social platforms provide all required demography information sufficiently so that a business can pin-point and provided curated information to make a sale probable.

The stats

Statistics reveal that out of 7.8 Billion population of the world, 4.3 billion users have an active internet access. In India by 2019, 627 million users would be actively using internet. Of this nearly 88.5% of users use social media and are active on them. That is roughly above 500 million people can be reached with digital marketing techniques.

Core streams of digital marketing with Social media in India

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter
  • Adwords

There are different modes to reach different set of audience, each of these social platforms have different set of strategies to be approached with.

digital marketing

For example, Facebook is a generic medium and as mentioned earlier, 88% of India’s internet population can be found on Facebook. It offers a lot of information to target any campaign.

LinkedIn offer a good demography of professional and student market where anything related can be promoted and reached easily.

Instagram, though acquired by Facebook, operates independently and provides a good market for creative and visual medium.

Twitter is a powerful tool to create trends and short marketing campaigns, as history has showed, this medium is strong enough to even influence elections.

Adwords by Google is the most in-depth medium as it is based on user tracking by all online behaviour.

Each of these platforms offer  a lot if used wisely and we at JB Soft, are here to tap them and provide as a service for any business who is interested to grow. Get in touch with us for more details