digital MarketingBusiness are evolving and the need to evolve their marketing strategies has also evolved. What worked a decade ago in marketing has become out-dated and is redundant now.

So what is the current working marketing strategy ?

The answer is “Digital Marketing” while some of older physical marketing techniques are in practice, the latest wave is digital marketing, which brings results for businesses. Social media marketing plays a major part in digital strategies. 

Let’s look at how older marketing strategies have transformed today as digital marketing:

  • Earlier the mission for marketing was only to represent the business and find customers for the same. But now the marketing standards are to represent the customers of the business and be found when looked out for.
  • Customer intelligence meant mass advertising and reaching audience based on demography, But the current day marketing strategy is to perform one on one targeting of product info with the customers, and tracking them based on behaviour.
  • The Mechanisms and tactics used in earlier days were simple point in time blasts of marketing messages and these were achieved through isolated channels, But now the techniques have changed, it is essential that businesses keep continuous relationships with the customer. The data for it is attained from exploding and integrated channels.
  • The measurement of marketing results were based on 3rd party datas and surveys, which led to intuitive decision making. Now all information is owned by the respective marketing mediums, be it social data analytics or big data. All decision making is based on facts and actual tracking reports.

This is how the marketing techniques are evolved and by making use of the digital marketing strategies, any business can reap the benefits. If your business require social promoting or any digital marketing strategies, feel free to reach JB Soft System with your requirement, our teams are ready to help you.