Gapps (Google Applications) is a mostly used internet tool, with expansive features starting with its email service. Businesses opts for Gapps over POP3 emails over many reason. We will help you out with the basic knowledge of what is what and what are its benefits.

POP3 Emails – This is the basic form of email available with the hosting service, while this offers all the base features required for emailing, it lacks on many sophistication that is available in recent times.

Pros of POP3

  • Cost effective compared to Gapps
  • Direct control of your data
  • Freedom to use any email client
  • No limits on number of email accounts on the domain

Cons of POP3

  • Very dependent on space
  • Security is not deep
  • Each account is limited to storage compared to Gapps
  • Doesn’t have dedicated apps
  • Lacks on other value added services
  • Susceptible to delays and downtime, as dependent on server
  • Lacks on latest technology like Spam filters, auto filters, auto suggestions, etc

Gapps – This is a direct email service offered by Google, this is basically the Public Gmail solution but tweaked for your business with added tools and functions. It is directly powered by Google and has a multitude of features that keeps improving over time. The major features are highlighted in the Pros. The common reason for many not opting a Gapps business account is because of the cost involved, while the features offered justifies its cost, it is still a concern for some;

Pros of Gapps

  • Sufficient storage (30GB) shared across your Gapps/Gsuite account
  • Dedicated Apps available for all its services on all platforms
  • Word, Excel & PPTs are well covered with their online tools
  • 100% uptime and functioning
  • Best in class, spam filter and features which makes the mailing tool very powerful
  • Plain email has many latest functions which no other service provider offers
  • Administrative tools to manage large number of email accounts under a company

Cons of Gapps

  • Pricing & accounts to be annual paid, irrespective of usage
  • Adding new email Ids can’t be done on the fly (But we can support you with it)
  • Data Privacy is a concern as it is with a 3rd party provider

Overall Gapps is a better service for Business emails and we suggest our customers to opt for the same. But for those who feel Gapps is expensive, they can always choose POP3 emails.

Either way, we can help with all your email solution requirements, get in touch with us for more details.