Email has been one of the oldest and strongest communication means that has been around since the dawn of internet. Over 4 decades email has evolved a lot, but the core of it has remained the same. Few decades ago, email and its handling space was very precious, it was available only by invite. But now, since internet has had a wide expansion, there are thousands of service providers offer the email service.

There are various types of email services available, POP, SMTP, IMAP, MPAI and web access. In the present day, almost everyone who has access to internet will own at least 1 email id.

When it comes to Business, email Ids are very important. Since it is the most professional way of communication on the internet. The most common and largest email service provider as of now are Google and microsoft. With the internet population growing at an alarming rate, it is very easy to run short of genuine looking business email Ids. On top of it, a business having a public email address doesn’t look professional at all.

It is best to own the email address linked to your official domain/business name.
Some best practices are:
– Always maintain professional email Ids with your domain name
– Keep the Id part simple and rememberable, Do-not use lengthy complicated names
– Even the business email domain can be shortened for convenience
– Maintain your email services with a professional provider
– Prefer to have Gapps or O365 emails to make use of the other added benefits

Having a professional Business email Id provides the following merits
– Credible outlook
– Easy to remember for your stake holders
– Can maintain general Ids for grouped access, like support, contact, info, etc
– Embarks professionalism for the sender and receiver
– Can make use of other added benefits by using GSuite or O365 accounts

If you’d like to know more about business emails or want to get one for your business, reach out to us, we provide all types of email services.