SSL? What is it?

Recently the hype around the SSL technology has increased and many are getting awareness to start using it. By definition is Secure Sockets Layer. It creates a security layer so that the information from the server and the receiver is encrypted.

The technology ensure authenticity by providing a digital certificate of validity.

What is with Google and SSL

As you know Google Search engine is a most used tool for finding information online, and they prefer delivering secured and safe content to their users, so a simple way for them is to present the websites with HTTPS or SSL first.

This would mean, websites with HTTPS before their url will rank top on the searches.

Benefits of using HTTPS

  • HTTPS gives you added security
  • Users who visit your website gets a sense of trust
  • If you use digital transactions a SSL is a must
  • All information transfers between the user and server will be secured
  • There is green pad lock display on your domain name, which says your site is safe
  • It adds another layer of validation for your business or domain, when you get a higher level certificate
  • The trust on your business or organisation grows
  • Gain more traffic because of better indexing on search engines

Who should use SSL

While there is no internet mandate to use HTTPS for your website, it is very advisable to have one on your domain. The secure socket layer is recommended for all domains. If you have a business or organisation website then it is a must have element on the web.

It is most recommended for e-Commerce websites, forum websites, websites with interaction with user forms and data.

Free vs Paid

While some service providers can offer a free SSL, the security and protection offered by it varies, we procure from most reliable vendors with proper digital certificates and our implementation process ensures you will have no issues.

It is best not to compromise on the security and trust of your visitors for short-term savings. For more details contact us

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