The keyword plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. As a business website, keywords should be relevant to their products and services. If people are searching for information about your business and products, you need to include content with those specific keywords in your site. Google always fetch and crawl based on the contents available on the website, and these content should be more relevant to the user search keyword.

The keyword should be right and unique, which indirectly defines the product, service or business. The number of keywords used on the website depends on varying factors such as the quality of content, number of pages, target audience, relevance to the pages and supporting keywords. Once the website stats to appear on top google page, then it can be used to add more SEO keywords.

The choosing of keywords is most important for the website. There are two different types of keywords,

  • Short Tail Keyword
  • Long Tail Keyword

Short Tail Keyword

The short tail keywords are basically in the form of one to three terms or words. Ex. “web app development”, “Handloom sarees”. “Toxicology”, “Radiation survey meter” these are short tail keywords. It is highly difficult to get these keywords listed on top of search pages because of the competition involved and other historic page content found for these keywords on other sites.

Long Tail Keyword

The long tail keyword have more than three terms or words and it gives specific and targeted results. Ex. “Web app development chennai”. “Handloom saree shops in Chennai”, “Radiation survey meter for hospital or laboratory”, “Toxicology research center in India” these are the long tail keywords. They can be worked with SEO for bringing out good results, as they are demographic specific.

In general SEO techniques are of wide spectrum and keywords play a vital role in all of them, to know the correct keywords that should be used for your business website, it is always safe to approach an SEO expert who can guide you with the right parameters.

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