web-hostingWeb hosting is the heart of your website. Though how well your website is designed matters, it doesn’t make sense if it is not up and running.

There are many types of web hosting available; Starting from free hosting to dedicated hosting, as per your requirement and affordability.

  • For a generic website with a database and content managed backend a decent hosting with good bandwidth is required. Apart from the hosting it requires maintenance for bandwidth monitoring and other server related activity.
  • For a small to mid sized web portal, a VPS (virtual private server) is sufficient, it again needs configuration and regular monitoring.
  • For a web application or a mobile application with a backend, a cloud server is opted, based on the technology a cloud hosting on AWS, Google Cloud or Azure is the best choice, despite it being slightly expensive, the infrastructure and features offered compensates for the price.

Things not to be done when looking for a web hosting:

  • Compromising quality for the price
  • Ignoring server security
  • Ignoring maintenance and support
  • Ignoring features offered
  • Taking up simple web mail solutions
  • Ignoring MX records configuration

To have a hassle free web hosting and maintenance, the wise choice is to allow a service provider to handle it for you.
This saves your time and provides you peace of mind, as they professionally manage all details regarding web hosting for you.

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