What is PowerMIS?

Ever had a feeling that your business or operations needed a powerful Management Information System, to map the basic data and reporting of your downline? Ever wished there could be a simply daily tracker of information where your staff can quickly provide you insights that you can quickly use to take decisions? Well, PoweMIS is the simple application that is here to solve this.

Features of PowerMIS

  • Setup data based reporting to your staff
  • Get daily reporting
  • Customisable report fields for each staff
  • Grouping of staff and labeling
  • Grouped reports
  • Simplified reporting views
  • With only active internet connection you can get your reporting done, no installations or licenses.
  • You have flexibility to choose the number of users whom you want to give access.
  • Encrypted cloud data, with this your data is secured and encrypted on top end cloud servers.
  • Privilege restricted user access, only with your privileged access you can access the information.
  • Multi-user system, you can add and remove users easily.
  • No fixed contract, can sign-up and use like pay-as-you-go.

Who can use PowerMIS?

  • Anyone who takes data as report from their staff.
  • Anyone who wants to track data and reports from their staff.
  • Everyone who manages variable data everyday.
  • Where decisions are based on data like stock, purchases, orders or numbers, etc.

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