ReceiveNow is a simplified automated payment follow up tool, designed and developed based on market scenarios and user experiences. The tool is a boon for any businesses to regularly and automatically follow up payments from their customers or just anyone.

Features of ReceiveNow

  • Simple web based application, hosted on the cloud.
  • No installations or hardware requirements.
  • Works for any type of businesses.
  • Customisable settings.
  • Manual follow up options.
  • View receivables at a glance.
  • Easy data management by excel imports and exports.
  • Automated sms and email reminders with frequency and sensitivity controlled options.
  • Easy tracking of information and data.
  • Security and functionality enabled.
  • Encrypted cloud data, with this your data is secured and encrypted on top end cloud servers.
  • Privilege restricted user access, only with your privileged access you can access the information.
  • Multi-user system, you can add and remove users easily.
  • No fixed contract, can sign-up and use like pay-as-you-go.

Who can use ReceiveNow

  • If you are in a business where you need to follow up for your payments from your customers or service takers, you need ReceiveNow
  • If you want automation for your payment follow up, look no further.
  • Anyone who are involved in payments collection can use ReceiveNow.