digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the way

Digital marketing We all know that digitisation has taken over our lives, all industry be it big or small have some digital impact in its process. Marketing is also one such stream, where the medium and methods have majorly become digitised. This evolution paved way to a new mode...

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Gapps Vs POP3 emails

Gapps (Google Applications) is a mostly used internet tool, with expansive features starting with its email service. Businesses opts for Gapps over POP3 emails over many reason. We will help you out with the basic knowledge of what is what and what are its benefits. POP3 Emails – This...

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Why do you need an SSL

SSL? What is it? Recently the hype around the SSL technology has increased and many are getting awareness to start using it. By definition is Secure Sockets Layer. It creates a security layer so that the information from the server and the receiver is encrypted. The technology ensure authenticity...

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